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We are honored to offer our Design Vision for the Nelson Guest House project while proposing some of the world's most innovative and inspiring European production companies: Alessi, Jon Gasca Costura, Flos, Kartell, Knoll & Vitra to name just a few.


Our design vision for Jeff and Judy Nelson’s Guest House in Newport Beach, CA  is to combine authenticity, quality & value and create an enjoyable and relaxed modern space for their international guests to stay while maximizing indoor-outdoor livability.

Thanks to this window treatment shading solution Sivoia QS by Lutron, the structure disappears when you are in, the view wraps around the house and everything you see is bathed with natural light. Your guests will never feel completely inside or outside but rather, always enjoying a pleasant combination of both.  For flooring, we selected this seven-toned Oak hardwood which possesses a mid-earth brown tone that is delectable for providing a richer colored ambiance in your modern guest home working well with the Benjamin Moore® Neutral Paint colors for walls and ceiling with low VOC and color lock technology.  We are also embracing a more sustainable, pet friendly and discreet aesthetic of quality and durability.


Our proposed furniture and lighting selections will remain relevant, serviceable and iconic for decades to come.


Please view the slideshow design presentation above.


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