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For the Commercial area, we present this contemporary Lighting design solution: The Wall of Light as “Wow” factor to celebrate the unique footwear collections for women. The entire store encased in darkness where the products alone are highlighted in the exclusive computer controlled Wall of Light TM installation, presenting each shoe as a work of art encapsulated in its own geometric frame, while mirrored walls create the sensation of vastness and grandeur.  Shoes are displayed in LED back-lit boxes with colors constantly shifting across the surface.  Ambient lighting is provided by some ceiling-mounted Track LED Light fixtures designed to quietly compliment the space. Task lighting is provided by ceiling-mounted localized pendant fixture to provide sufficient lighting levels for performance of specific visual tasks at the cashier desk. Led recessed lights dimmable are placed in the corridor to the secondary entrance. Decorative outdoor ceiling fitted chandelier Romeo by Philippe Starck, FLOS and Led landscape wall washers are used to emphasize the main entrance.

For the Residential area, lighting is the focal point of each room and brings with it a high element of drama, luxury and style. It requires different lighting techniques and lighting layers in the space to create a variety of effects. Here contemporary fixtures are selected from the Italian lighting Designers Company, FLOS. Their unique design varies from ultra-modern sleek to the traditional style. Suspended from the ceiling in the Dining room, the chandelier 2097 is an ultra-modern representation of the classic mid-century traditional chandelier by designer Gino Sarfatti. The chandelier holds 30 to 50 incandescent bulbs  which emit indirect Ambient light. Entrance, living room, and bedrooms general light is provided by the Skygarden recessed ceiling lamps by Marcel Wanders providing diffused lighting with frosted halogen dimmable lights. The Arco lamp by the Castiglioni brothers (1962) in the living room adds a great accent classic design, it is available in LED and provides direct and indirect light in the space.  One of the unique of its design is that every part has a function including the beveled corner, designed not to hurt, and the hole for easier lifting of the base. The TatouT diffused halogen light table lamp by Patricia Urquiola, selected for the master bedroom and used as accent lighting layer, is a luminaire that crosses a traditional dome style with a surface to screen and let the light filter through from inside. The table top Task light features the Kelvin Led Green Mode by Antonio Citterio, which comes with a daylight sensor, activated based on the brightness of the surrounding area, to modify its light output. 

Please view the slideshow design presentation above.

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